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Silencing the call of the icebox…

Posted on: September 18, 2011

There’s an old cartoon (it’s not the one above), a clipping of which was posted on my mum’s fridge years ago, that depicts a freshly baked pie calling out to a woman “Edna, Eeeeaaat meeee!” The joke is that for some people, especially people like I used to be, having something sweet and delicious around was a temptation that was all but impossible to ignore. Throughout my life I’ve had to be careful about bringing sweet things into the house, because I will eat pretty much all of it in relatively short time. My husband often complained that when he finally got around to wanting some of the treat, it would be all gone. I felt awful, but I couldn’t explain the pull such foods had on me. It was as if they were calling me from the refrigerator/freezer – I thought about them constantly and practically measured time relative to when I’d allow myself some more.

Today while rummaging around in the freezer I saw a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, my favourite flavour, Cherry Garcia. I bought this tub a couple weeks ago when they were on mega sale at the supermarket. Now, long into my low-carb diet, sweet cravings have become a thing of the past. That tub sat for days before I finally decided to have a few bites. I ate about 1/4 of the tub. Technically that constitutes “one serving” but I don’t know many people who don’t just eat the whole tub in one sitting.* Certainly that has been my habit over the years when I indulged. It was over a week before I had another serving, and I haven’t had any since then. I know it’s there, but when I think about it I just don’t feel like having any. I know there will come a day when I’ll be wanting some ice cream and then I’ll enjoy it with a normal serving size.

My husband saw the tub today and was duly impressed. Despite our combined weight loss of over 60 lbs, it’s the little things like this that drive home just how all-encompassing the effects of this diet can be. The simple fact that that tub has been sitting there for weeks, that it is still sitting there, and that night after night goes by and I just don’t feel like indulging…well that, folks, is a minor miracle.


* an interesting side story: 10 years ago my husband and I eloped to Vermont, and before our wedding we toured the Ben and Jerry’s factory in Stowe. During the tour they showed us these adorable little ice cream tubs, miniature versions of the pint-sized ones found everywhere in North America. We were told that these little tubs were sent to Japan and Europe, where they were considered a “single serving size”. Even though they state on the label that a one-pint tub is actually four servings, for all practical purposes it was considered a single serving size for North American customers



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