My Paleo Eating Journal

Sinking to a new low

Posted on: September 5, 2011

I weighed myself this morning: 135.5 lbs. I have not weighed this little since I was in my mid-to-late twenties. I was stunned and thrilled.

I have now lost 19.5 lbs, effortlessly. No calorie counting, no portion control, no exercise regimes, just simply cutting out sugar, grains, and other high-carb foods. I eat wonderful, satisfying foods cooked with butter, coconut oil, bacon grease, and pork fat. I cheat, fairly regularly, but always in moderation. I still enjoy sweets like dark chocolate and whole fruit, the occasional squirt of honey if I’m feeling indulgent. And I can still say yes to pancakes, cinnamon bagels, and the sinful McChicken Meal but do so sparingly and thoughtfully.

I don’t know what else to say. I think the results speak for themselves. 🙂


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The Basics

My way of eating is based on a Paleo/Primal diet and is comprised mainly of saturated animal fat (grass-fed meat, pastured eggs, butter), nuts and seeds (almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts, coconut, pumpkin seeds) and their oils (coconut oil, avocado oil) and lots of vegetables and fruit. I eat virtually no sugar (other than that contained naturally in fruit), potatoes or sweet potatoes, beans or legumes, and no grains or grain products.

Weight Loss Tracker

Start date: May 13, 2011
Total weight loss (updated every Sunday): 19.5 lbs

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