My Paleo Eating Journal

Cheat Week

Posted on: June 20, 2011

I have not been a good girl this week. There’s been some stress going on in the personal department (kid-related), then it was time to kick up my heels with some dear friends who came to visit us this weekend. Thanks to both those things I indulged in a McDonalds McChicken meal, several graham crackers, fish and chips, and even an ice cream. I also drank a few beers, a bit o’ cider (here in Canada we don’t bother with the adjective “hard”), and twice I ate a bag of commercial beef jerky before checking the sugar content (I guess that’s why I love Teriyaki style so much). So yeah, I’ve been bad.

According to my scale, which is starting to get a bit finicky (it’s over 9 years old) and sometimes it seems to be off by a half pound here or there depending on where in the bathroom I place it. My weight fluctuated wildly this week (yes, Iweigh myself almost every day now even though I know better) but yesterday was Weekly Weigh-In day and I told myself I’d be honest and fess up. It said 147.5 lbs, which is one pound more than at last week’s weigh-in. I’m not surprised given the above. Today I was a very good girl and plan to be so for the rest of the week to make up for my indulgences (which, I confess, I enjoyed: I just shouldn’t have packed all those experiences into one week!). I decided to be honest and change my net weight loss tracker to show that 1 pound gain, but I don’t consider it a gain really, because I know it will go away again soon. Still, I felt it was important to be honest and put it out there!

But…on the bright side, I decided on a whim a couple days ago to try on my “skinny jeans”. No, they are not skinny in terms of their style or cut, they are *my* skinny jeans because they only fit me comfortably when I am around my goal weight of 142 lbs. I even have a “kinda skinny” pair for when I’m up closer to 150, but with my starting weight of 155 for this project I could not wear either of those, and instead went for the “heavyweight” jeans all the time. So on Saturday I was super excited to be able to put on my skinny jeans and wear them all day, though I confess around dinner time I had to take them off. Fair enough, I’m still about 5 pounds away from wearing them comfortably all day. However, it was a milestone, a very exciting one, and given it came during the week of no weight loss (and perhaps even a slight gain) it was a nice way to cheer myself up.

Actually, the truth is I don’t feel bad about gaining a pound this week. My current definition of “cheating” and “being bad” is still nothing compared to what I used to be like (and even then I always thought I was moderate!), so I’m not concerned. I’m still ahead of the game and I know that this week I’ll be back to eating normally and I’m quite certain that extra pound will be gone by next Sunday, perhaps taking a couple of his friends with him too!


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The Basics

My way of eating is based on a Paleo/Primal diet and is comprised mainly of saturated animal fat (grass-fed meat, pastured eggs, butter), nuts and seeds (almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts, coconut, pumpkin seeds) and their oils (coconut oil, avocado oil) and lots of vegetables and fruit. I eat virtually no sugar (other than that contained naturally in fruit), potatoes or sweet potatoes, beans or legumes, and no grains or grain products.

Weight Loss Tracker

Start date: May 13, 2011
Total weight loss (updated every Sunday): 19.5 lbs

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